Jul 22, 2008

Chronicles of Single-Parenthood, Day 2


Fewer messes
Fewer tears
Fewer darts stuck to the fan...only 1 now!

Today was much better. We went to a birthday party at an indoor water park and despite the poop in the pool and a sugar crazed gang of Cameron babies...it was good times. 3 days left!


Jackie said...

HAHAHA! You poor thing!

Major Bedhead said...

So, I have this thing on the side of my blog that tells me where people came from who have visited me (and if that sentence makes sense to you, kudos) and I saw this blog name. And I though "Huh, I don't know that blog." And then, lo and behold, I click over and I realize, hey, I DO know you. And I don't know why I haven't added you to my bloglines yet, but I shall remedy that now. Well, as soon as I hit publish. :)

Your wedding picture? Too cute. You look so happy.

Laura-mother, wife, crafter, energy healer. said...

Hugs to you mama. You are strong.

Shannon said...

Don't let the pack wear you down, only a few more days to go!