Jul 31, 2008

Go with your gut!

I think that it is completely funny how a man and a woman can look at the same situation and come up with totally different conclusions.

Take last night, Archie and I were lying in bed talking about the day. I told him about a family that I ran into at SEARS. I was there having Amelia's pictures taken. We were finished up and waiting to pay and a family comes in to have their pictures done next. It took the fumbling (why do I always get the woefully un-skilled cashiers?) sales clerk several minutes to process the transaction and print out my 8 miles of receipts (I feel my ecological footprint widen). So the mom and I strike up a conversation. The Dad is a very robust fella; nice...seems to love his son. The Mom has a thick accent...Russian? Mail-order bride? He's older...she's around my age. The butterball of a baby's name was Joshua and he had turned one that day. They were all dressed in matching jeans and white polo shirts. The Mom lamented that she was unhappy that the baby wasn't walking yet. "He's got a lot to haul around!" The baby immediately wanted out of the stroller and after some tussle and the Mom trying unsuccessfully to get the baby to walk and his screeching at the top of his lungs, she let him down to crawl. He promptly crawled right over to Amelia and started flirting with her. The Mom commented on how lonely Joshua gets at home with her all day (ie SHE is lonely). (A bell goes off...invite her to playgroup). I'm chatting with the mom and look down at the counter. Their form is right there. Last name Gillespie...interesting...Silas' middle name is Gillespie. Chat, chat, chat. And we leave. Did I ever invite the weary mom to playgroup? No! Why? I was being timid and now I feel bad.

Archie's take on it...Russian spies sent to steal our blond-haired, blue-eyed babies to repopulate the "motherland" with the "chosen-ones." "Did you check to see if you were followed home?" No honey, go to sleep. "I can't, the Russians are out there waiting until I go to sleep so they can steal my family." "Haven't you ever seen James Bond?" No, honey. I live in the real world. "It was a trap. They knew you were going to be there." "The Gillespie thing was to make you feel a connection." No honey...I should have invited the mom to playgroup. "NO you shouldn't have!" "You did the right thing!" Chuckle, chuckle, snort, snort...zzzzzzzzz.

Moral of the story- Go with your gut and my husband is C-R-A-Z-Y.

(I can't lie...I was rolling with laughter too.)


Archie said...

oh, I'd post it for everyone to see. Now they know I'm on to them.

Shannon said...

LMAO.....I'd love to have been a fly on the way during that conversation. That's hilarious! Maybe you can call the portrait place to get their phone number, the Russian operator should know you're calling and be happy to give you the number. LOL

Laura said...

LOL. Sounds like a convo me and Rob would have.

Laura said...
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Gwen said...

Bwaahaha! A man would come up with something like that! (though I am the conspiracy theorist in my clan)

Stephanie said...

They are all out to get ya. LOL.