Aug 1, 2008

Are You Ready For Some...


Well, football season is upon us. This will be Silas' 4th year playing and Gavin's first (if he sticks with it). I really, really, really love football. I even love to watch my kids play; however, I do not love how CRAZY these folks get about football. Practice = 5 days a week until school starts! We start the season in frying hot, humid weather and end in bone chilling frigidness.

The kids love it what are you gonna do? Got'ta go dust off my pom-poms...snicker!


Jackie said...

YAY football! I bought Noah like 3 football-ish shirts today. Haha!

Tara said...

I lurve me some football, too!

The wutz already has a shirt supporting our favorite HS team.