Jul 17, 2008

Injury Tally 2008

It seems to me that my boys get more than their fair share of injuries. Especially wee Gavin. Maybe he inherited some obscure clumsy gene or maybe he's just inherently unwieldy. I was thinking last night that I should keep track of the injuries to see how the last 2 babies compare. So I present to you; Injury Tally 2008...

IIII/ nosebleeds (edited to add another nosebleed)
I staples in the head (courtesy of Gavin)

II nosebleeds
I biten in half tongue
I stitches in the tongue from above bite
I broken leg
I blood blister from above cast
II busted front teeth
Not to mention the abundant cuts, scratches, scrapes, bleeding, etc


justdawn said...

I seriously believe that Eli and Gav are somehow, cosmically connected. He is the biggest clutz I have ever met! I always feel like such a bad Momma due to the myriad bruises and scrapes that always seem to cover his legs and elbows;)

Archie said...

Just wait until Amelia starts her run. I would bet that her stats will put Gav's to shame. And Tucker just looks like he wants to be a stuntman. I can see our insurance file now......

Mindy said...

I notice that Amelia doesn't have a tally......And we really don't have any *hospital* type injuries -- not since Allie broke her leg and she was 2 then.....
Does this mean I am going to spend my life at the hospital with the boy?

Lisa said...

Quite possibly so! LOL!