Jul 2, 2008

It's In the Genes

It all starts out innocently enough. I think the baby looks like _____________. Who do you think the baby looks like? He has your eyes and his daddy’s nose. His pinky finger looks just like his big brother’s! Maybe it’s a southern thing? We’re bred to believe that it is our time-honored duty to decipher the DNA of every teeny baby we meet. I do it; my close friends do it; my family does it. It’s really not that big of a deal and I rarely get bothered by it. BUT…

My first 3 children all popped out of the womb little blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties. “Just like their Momma and Daddy.” They all look differently the same. Each one has different traits, but they all look like little Cameron babies.

Then here comes Tucker. He comes sliding out into the world with what looked like pitch black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Surprised me…I didn’t even know I could make dark-haired babies (even though under my L’Oreal…well, we won’t go there). As he got cleaned up, we realized that his hair, although not pitch black, was actually a dark brown. And so the analysis started.

“Where did he get that dark hair?”
“Who do you think he looks like?”
“I think he looks like so and so, but with that dark hair, I just don’t know.”
And then it started getting personal.
“That baby must have come from the milkman.” Ummm nope, I live in the 21st century and buy my milk at the grocery store!
“He must be the mailman’s kid.” While I think that our mail carrier is attractive, she IS a black female!

Do they not know that with their sly comments, they are questioning my fidelity? Usually uncaring about how others view me or my family, this really grates on my nerves. It is entirely possible for us to make a dark-haired baby and guess what? We did! Archie’s family is riddled with one misplaced dark-haired baby amongst the Scottish blondes. And you know what else…it’s none of their business if we DID take delivery of the baby from the milkman or elsewhere!

And while Tucker is our first baby with dark hair, he is also our first baby with a birthmark. Do people feel the need to analyze his cute tush? Ummm…no!

In the meantime, Tucker’s dark hair is turning lighter every day; maybe one day we won’t get the mailman comments or maybe one day people will decide to keep their DNA analysis to themselves.


Archie said...

my vote is for the hot mail lady chick.

Catey said...

rofl Archie!

Don't you love it when people do this? It's like the postpartum extension of the brilliant comments they make when you are pregnant. Open mouth-insert foot. My favorite was when Aaron's gma actually asked me what nationality Taylor was when he was a baby. Hello?! I was so shocked the only thing I could muster up was "um, he's just....mine!" Apparently that just made the whole thing worse! lol

If nothing else-he totally has the eyes! ;)

Mindy said...

I get ya!
Just think of all the comments we get about Maggie - with her blond hair and blue eyes.....
I tell every body she got every recessive gene we have -- and what is the biology here -- 1 out of 4 get the recessive stuff? So, I'm betting #4 is going to be as dark headed as the rest of us....Of course, I do think Maggie's hair will get darker as she gets older.
We will see!

Shannon said...

Why do people have to say stuff like that? I was born with black hair, by my first birthday it was cotton top and stayed that way until I was in high school when it turned mousy brown. Just think of the comments that would have been made if he was a red head!!

~LL~ said...

LOL.....DS #3 has curly hair....we STILL don't know where he got that one. Hmmmmm....off to interview the postman's family.


justdawn said...

Sadly, all of mine inherited my more dominant genes...at least a couple of them resemble their Dad;) heh