Aug 29, 2008

At 19 Months...

Amelia Grace LOVES her Daddy with a passion.

Is a girly girl...she loves jewelry and babies.

Is a bit of a tom boy...(see Sugar and Spice Post).

Loves bananas, grapes, broccoli and all things sugar!

Says way too many words to count.

Has beautiful long blond hair that her Momma has no clue how to style.

Loves her brothers, maybe Tuck a little more than the bigger ones. :)

Melts hearts with her smile.

Never meets a stranger.


Archie said...

I am glad ONE of them likes me...

Heather said...

She sure is a sweetie!

LMAO at Archie's comment....haha

(where's the darn smilies when you need them?)

snarflemarfle said...

What a sweetie!

Jackie said...

Happy 19 Months Amelia!!!