Aug 30, 2008

10 Things My Kids Have Taught Me

1. How to laugh at myself.
2. That tiny hands can always hold even tinier hands.
3. Babies make excellent opponents when playing the quiet game.
4. 8 year old boys look forward to playing "cook" with their 1 year old sisters (even if they would deny it to their friends).
5. A Mother's lap can never be too small.
6. Going from place to place is much more fun if you dance, twirl and skip to get there.
7. Even kids that are old enough to read still like being read to.
8. Colors are for everyone. Pink is NOT just a girl color and girls can love blue too!
9. Big sisters are good for chewing on.
10. There is no time or place that doesn't allow for a spontaneous hug or kiss.

1 comment:

Mrs. C said...

Yeah, I know *my* lap is not too small... I keep hoping it will get a bit smaller though!