Aug 22, 2008

Don't Tug on Superman's Cape and Don't Mess with a Mad Momma!

OK, so this is Silas' 4th year playing football. He has ALWAYS wanted to play center and he finally got the chance this year. He was doing a great job too; UNTIL

we went on vacation and now he's suddenly been "promoted" to an offensive lineman. He hates it. I know that it's because he missed 3 days of practice, but we told his coach that he would be gone. Coach said that's fine; be sure he practices his snaps. I am so mad, I honestly believe I could spit fire. I composed an e-mail at midnight last night when I couldn't sleep.

Dear Coach Bowman (BUTTHEAD),

I feel that it is very unfair of you to demote Silas from the center position. Although you state that it is a promotion(BS!), it doesn’t feel like it to either Silas or myself(AND WE KNOW THAT I AM ALWAYS RIGHT!). This is Silas’ 4th year playing football and although he may not be the biggest or best player on the team, he works hard and is a true team player(UNLIKE YOUR WHINY SON). His feelings were crushed at loosing the center position(ALMOST MADE MY BABY CRY!). It is very unfair to penalize him for being absent from practice for 3 days(DUH!). We gave you advance notice that he would be out(DOUBLE DUH!). He is at practice early every day and has yet to miss a day aside from our prescheduled vacation time(LOOSER!).

Please look at this from Silas’ point of view and reconsider your decision to move him to 2nd string lineman(OR ELSE I WILL UNLEASH THE FURY THAT IS BREWING IN MY COLD, STONE HEART).

Thank you,

Sigh...I didn't send it...I should have. Gritting my teeth and putting on a happy smile.

And in other news; Archie and I have never watched 24 so I ordered up the first season from NETFLIX and we are going to commence a marathon 24 viewing this weekend. I'll let you know if we like it.

"Superman wears Jack Bauer pajamas!"


Jackie said...

Awww... Poor guy! I'd accidently leave your blog address on something so he could see it!

Shannon said...

Come on....send it!!! Give Silas a big hug, he's still #1 with me.

T- said...

Poor guy! That's just rotten.