Sep 15, 2008

An Update and a Request

So far so good. The appetite suppressant is doing it's job. The scale says that I am down 8 pounds since Friday!! Hopefully I won't stall out this time.

Potty training is still going good. She averages about 2 accidents/ day. Mainly when she has her pull ups on. I don't think that she realizes the urge soon enough with them on. Does that make sense?

I'd like to request prayers for our wee Tucker. He has surgery on Friday to correct a birth defect that he has. Silas had the same thing and was operated on at 9 months. The same Dr is doing Tucker's surgery and I feel confident that everything will be OK, but prayers definitely don't hurt! Especially when wee babies are put to sleep.


justdawn said...

Holy cow! You need to e-mail me the name of the drug you are taking!

YAY, Millie!!!

Prayers for Wee Tuck and for Momma, too:)

~LL~ said...

Great job on the weight loss.
Great job on the potty training.

Definite prayers for Lil Tuck!

Mrs. C said...

Prayers for Tucker, poor guy. And eight pounds?!! It takes me two months to do that... and that's only when I'm really trying.

Melissa said...

Way to go, Lisa! WOOT!

Prayers for Tucker!!

:) MissyV

Anonymous said...

Woohoo Lisa! Way to go on the weight loss- maybe we can try to lose together, I just finally went back to the gym yesterday since before I found out I was preggo with Mak!

Poor little Tucker- he will be fine sweetie. It will be harder on you handing him over~ Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I will be waiting impatiently for an update!