Oct 6, 2008

How Did That Happen So Fast?

I can vividly remember some of the comments that we got when we found out that we were pregnant with Tucker.

"How old will Amelia be when the baby is born?"
"You DO know how that happens don't you?"
"I'm so happy for YOU! (insert and glad it's not me!)
"I guess this baby was just meant to be!"

We even had a kindly gentleman at our church offer to pay for birth control. Touching...no?

It certainly wasn't in our plan to have a fourth baby and if our plans did change, I am sure that we would not have decided to have one when Amelia was still a baby herself.

But here we were...pregnant again! I felt like I never was NOT pregnant; Amelia's pregnancy and the new baby just blurred into one big, very long event. I marveled at holding my baby in my arms only to feel the new life I held in my womb.

When it came time to find out the baby's sex, we got the round of lovely comments again. Almost everyone wished another girl on us. So that our family would be "balanced" and "perfect." Since, I had a 100% failure rate at predicting the sex of my babies, I knew that I would be more than likely wrong again. That fateful day came and there he was...just PERFECT. My heart wrapped around him so tightly at that very moment that I knew he was simply a tiny miracle.

The transition from 3 to 4 wasn't without it's bumps and trying times and to this day, I'll never quite understand how we all made it through. I do know that Tucker was VERY much meant to be with us and that he fills our home with such sweetness and smiles. I wouldn't send him back and I most certainly wouldn't trade him in for a different model (girl).

And then, I blinked. He's almost crawling now and wiggles around at bottle time. It's just so amazing how fast babies grow and how they change and bloom every single day. I'm afraid to blink again knowing that I might open my eyes and see my baby driving off to college or holding a baby of his own. I have learned to cherish every single moment...the good and the not-so-good.

I love our little family so much and in my eyes...it IS perfect.


Mindy said...

SO sweet! I know the feeling too -- trust me....
OH - and I want to know just who offered the payments for birth control....I might ask if they want to pay for K's surgery instead =)

Lisa said...

I bet you could guess! ;)

Jackie said...

Sniff, sniff! So sweet!

~LL~ said...

sweet....I totally KWYM! when our 2nd came so soon after our first, dh's grandfather talked to us to make sure we knew recreational sex was OK. ROFLMBO!

Well-meaning comments of some people....who needs 'em!

T- said...

So so sweet!

Catey said...

Those surprises always seem to work out better than we anticipate, huh? :)

Now we get people who offer to pay for cable. They don't even mention bc anymore! lol

Gwen said...

That just melted my heart. <3