Oct 7, 2008

Saving the World, One Third Grader at a Time

Silas has been VERY lucky in that in his 3 years in public school, he has had the most wonderful teachers. They are always very caring and sweet and wonderful at what they do. He loves them all, still to this day. Third grade started this year and has been a little challenging. Not so much the work part, but that the teacher is a little less than compassionate and motherly. I was warned that third grade is tough and that the teachers try to distance themselves. They want the children to be more independent and responsible. From the first day, Silas came home grumbling about his dislike for his teacher. I tried coaxing him into the golden rule of treating others the way that we want to be treated and talked to him about attracting more bees with honey and all that. I have to give him credit in that he has really tried. He's only been in trouble a few times and I'm proud of him for that.

Each Monday, the kids bring home work folders that must be signed and returned the next day. If they forget their folder or don't have it checked, they get their name on the board and a whole slew of other negativity. Well, you know where I'm going...Silas forgot his folder at school. So being the good mom that I am; I hauled the babies into school this morning to sign his folder. We developed a stealthy plan in the hopes that the teacher wouldn't get upset and thus thwart our efforts from the get-go.

All went as planned until Silas discovered that he had left his backpack in the car. (insert picture of me slapping my forehead here) We'll see at pick up if our plan still went off without a hitch or if he got in trouble despite our efforts. At least we gave it the old Cameron try.


Catey said...

Hope it worked!

(and maybe this explains why Malia's teacher last year was, um, well, not my favorite?)

Shannon said...

I'm so not looking forward to those days. I hope everything went well today.

T- said...

I can so sympathize with him! All these years later and I still shudder when I think of my 3rd grade teacher!!

Mrs. C said...

Glad for Silas that he's lasted this long with good teachers.

Really I think it's unreasonable to have the teacher telling Silas that every Monday he WILL get a folder read and signed by you. HELLO? It is YOUR FAMILY TIME. Once he's out of school, they shouldn't be dictating what you do each day.

I think homework is sadistic. Don't they already have the child captive for eight hours every weekday??

OK, off soapbox.

~LL~ said...

*snicker* I'm not laughing at, but WITH ;)

We found 3rd grade to be a bit more difficult than the other years. H had to really grow up and toughen up...not only becauseof teachers and school work, but because of the "overbearing" personalities of someof the kids.