Dec 4, 2008


Do you remember my good buddy CATEYB__L? Yep...she's the one. She made Amelia's baby blanket with the scraps of her newborn clothes. Well, she has a new "store" that she's opened up...I guess 7 (that's right), 7 kids isn't enough to keep her busy. Teehee. ANYWHO...she SO should have done this eons ago, because she really IS talented! So here is the store: Mimby and this is my favorite item (SO FAR)...

Wouldn't Amelia be TOO cute in that?

Check her out and post a link to your favorite item and you might win!! But I have to warn you, I'm hard to beat!


Stephanie said...

Aww. I love that. off to check out here site.

Amanda said...

Too cute... I wish tutu's would look cute on boys, LOL