Feb 16, 2009

Hey There

Eeeeek! Tucker has started climbing!! He's gone from walking to running to climbing! I've found him 2 rungs up the bunk bed ladder, on top of the train table and now this morning IN Gavin's bed!

He also refuses to say Momma. But I'm convinced that he truly thinks my name is Hey There. He says it all the time. I'll be cleaning up a spill and he'll toddle over to me and grab me real tight for a squeeze and sloppy kiss ... "HEY THERE!" Maybe Momma will come one day.

Also, had to share another naked shopping cart picture. This time, she was watching TV ... teehee!


heidi said...

Hey There! LOL Corban didn't say "I love you" up until recently. Instead he always said "I'm so glad to SEE you Mommy!" LOL

ANd YIKES on the climbing!

T- said...

I love the naked shopping cart pic!

zoinatt said...

Hey There gotta love it. LOL on the watching TV in the cart pic. Gotta love this age. I guess he's going to have you on the go for sure now.

McCryssy said...

"Hey there" is hilarious :)

MJ, like Ariel at this age, only says "Mama" when he is in dire straits. Foot caught in something.. It looks like I'm walking away.. He needs food really bad lol

Heather said...

LMAO that is so funny! I have missed you all so much, so glad to be back online!woohoo