Feb 7, 2009

Useless Sippy Cups and Other Random Gibberish

Having 4 kids makes you an expert on sippy cups. I don't care who wants to dispute it; it's merely a fact. And when you find a sippy cup that your baby actually likes, even better! I can't tell you how many cups have gone straight to the trash almost right out of the starting gate. Do manufacturers not do any type of testing? Do they not see when the buggers leak like a dang sieve? Or that a baby has to have the sucking reflex of an F-9 tornado to get a little juice? I lucked up on a new beauty of a cup that neither A) leaks or B) requires exorbitant amounts of sucking power to drink from. And just because I like you all (just a wee bit); I'm going to share it with you ...


The Insulator™ Twist 'n Click™ Straw Cup!

Really ... go out and get your baby one. If they made more grown up designs, I might want one for myself!

Then we have another new product that I stumbled upon. Beechnut LET'S GROW!™ WAKEY™ FLAKES CEREAL. Tucker LOVES him some Wakey Flakes; especially the apple cinnamon oat flavor. It's baby cereal that you put in cold milk (I guess you COULD heat it) just like big kid cereal. It's not bad either (you know I had to try it!)


My duty as a giving citizen is done for the day!

And in other gibberish, we have successfully found and purchased Amelia's flower girl dress on CRAIGSLIST. It just needs a wee dry cleaning and we'll be good to go. Not to mention the fact that it shaved about $80 off of buying a brand new one! WOOT!

Also on the wedding front, the boys were fitted for their tuxes and the rental fees were paid. Can you believe that they wanted us to pay $25 to RENT a pair of kids' black shoes? Umm, I'm pretty sure that I can BUY them a pair of black shoes for less than that and they'll be able to wear them more than one time!

And lastly, hopefully sewing will be completed today!


Mrs. C said...

Hey, how do you clean the little plastic straw? I can see those getting kind of nasty after awhile. We had I think something very similar, like, 13 years ago. It had little metal springs inside that would rust or pop out.

I'm hoping the technology has improved for you there...

T- said...

I love the Playtex Insulator brand. That's all we use in this house for sippy cups.

Love the Beechnut cereals, too!

LYIS said...

I also have a love/hate relationship with sippy cups. I don't like the kind that have a million parts and get moldy in the dishwasher. I'll have to try the cereal, sounds good!

~LL~ said...

FINALLY out of sippies over here.....but you are SO right...so many of them are great big flops!

zoinatt said...

I had a couple similiar to that one. But thankfully I'm not longer needing those. But you're right finding the perfect sippy cup is like finding the perect pair of shoes. LOL