Mar 10, 2009


What sleep? I don't need no stinking sleep!

Tucker sleeps everywhere BUT his bed!

my bed

his highchair

the floor


middle of nowhere

middle of dinner

Anywhere's fine as long as it's not his own bed.


T- said...

Lmao! That is sooooo cute!

The wutz won't sleep ANYWHERE but in my bed.

Heather said...

ROFLMAO that is so cute. OUTSIDE??? lol. That is funny

Shannon said...

How cute is he! Poor baby is just so worn out. I wish Colin would pass out anywhere.

snarflemarfle said...

After my kids grew out of the rocking-to-sleep uber-baby stage, they don't just pass out anywhere like that! There was once when X-man fell asleep in his bouncy while we were having dinner and I think there was once when Buttercup was so sleepy she looked like she might fall asleep in her dinner, but didn't.

Lynn said...

Sounds like my kid! Anywhere but the bed and he's happy!