Apr 10, 2009

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

First time Mom ... baby's first Easter.

You're at an egg hunt. It can be any egg hunt in any town. The baby is dressed to perfection. Cute little Easter outfit; hair combed neatly. You edge your toddling toddler closer to the front of the pack of wild kids all vying for those small orbs hidden in the grass, under trees, behind rocks. You bite your lip in anticipation eager for your baby to get the most eggs, the cute eggs, the eggs not speckled with mud. Your vision flashes to an overflowing Easter basket, your angelic cherub perched beside it grinning for a picture. He/ she will have so much fun collecting all these eggs.

Are you ready sweetie?
You nudge a nine year-old over a bit with your elbow. (Are nine year-olds not too old to hunt eggs? Gheesh!)

OK, get ready. RUN! RUN BABY! You juggle the camera while pulling the baby behind you. Go get the eggs! Hurry, hurry here's one. Darn, missed that one. It's OK sweetie. Pick the kid up and run frantically to the next egg; grab it up and stuff it into their palm. YEAH, you got one! You rush the kid from egg to egg, helping them fill their basket. Knocking by a few bigger kids, slitting your eyes at other mom's when you see them zero in on a prime egg, breaking into a mad dash for the perfect egg. Finally you plop in the grass, triumphant that your kid's basket boasts the most, cutest eggs.

Did you have fun sweetie? Sure you did!

Flash forward 9 years and 3 kids later ...

Arrive 10 minutes late ... CRAP! Kids dressed? Check. Camera? No ... darn! Only 3 kids have their baskets ... YIKES! Hmmm, is the nine year old too old for an egg hunt? Nah. He needs to enjoy Easter too. He doesn't need a basket though; he can collect eggs in his shirt. Bribe the nine year old to give his basket to the baby (a new Wii game is only 50 bucks). Good Lord look at all the kids! Get to the back of the pack kids so you aren't trampled. Oldest ... watch the youngest. Middle babies, fend for yourselves. You're only 2? You'll be fine. GO, GO!

Walk slowly behind the kids hoping that they all get one egg. It's not important how many eggs they get. I just want them to have fun! Baby, baby ... look, here's one! It's been stepped on? No big deal, look! a sucker! YEAH!!

Plop down in the grass with 4 tired, sweaty kids. Did you have fun? YEAH! Nap time soon! Herd all four together for a quick shot with the camera phone. Notice a baby in the background. Perfectly dressed, cute as a button, basket overflowing with eggs. You smile.


T- said...

Hahaha! Perfect!

And so true!

Heather said...

ROFLMAO I am the one w/the one kid but falling over tired. My kid is enough for four lmao. sheesh, how do you do it?

Shannon said...

LOL....you are such a great writer! Last year I just plopped Colin in the grass and threw eggs towards him to put in his basket. Neither one of us had to move!

Laura said...


~LL~ said...

Glad you had a good first experience....mine was horrific to the point that we don't go anymore. We do our own here.....:(

Jackie said...

SO true!!!!

LYIS said...

You are SO right! I love the part about your 9 yo stuffing the eggs in his shirt, lol. I was thinking "please, find the eggs with toys. I can't handle any more sugar driven tantrums". Here's to next year with 3 youngins screaming mad on a sugar high. I have sworn off easter candy, but we'll see what I think next year :) How easily I forget.