May 18, 2009

Clothing Optional

Amelia LOVES to be naked. The first thing that she does when we get home from being out is to strip down to her birthday suit.

Why are you naked Mill?
Because I naked! (insightful)

Here lately, her nakedness has been happening in the night too. Not a problem really, except for the fact that she isn't night trained to use the potty yet. So we're usually awakened sometime in the night because she's either wet the bed or peed in the floor. I think it's time to start opening her door at night so she can go to the bathroom if she needs to.

Where does this naked preference come from? Is it passed down with the blond hair, blue eyes DNA or is it a function of her environment?

This too shall pass, right?
How long until she decides to get bare bootied in public?


Laura said...

I'd blame Archie's side of the family if I were you. :giggle:

Anonymous said...

It's from Archie's side of the family- don't worry. He grew out of it didn't he? lol

My middle dd used to strip at church. Seriously. I'd go pick her up from the nursery after service and they'd tell me that she stripped and they couldn't make her keep her clothes on...

imagine the embarrassment!

T- said...

Definitely blame Archie's side of the fam.

Too cute. Except for the pee.

Mrs. C said...

She's not fingerpainting the poo, is she? Otherwise, think of all the money you save on washing clothes if she never wears any. :]

Mindy said...

I have an award for you at my place.

~LL~ said...

LOL!!! I finally trained my boys to at least stay in their undies. ;)