May 20, 2009


Sometimes Gavin says the funniest things ...

Mom, how do ladybugs lay eggs? Do they just shoot 'em out of their butts?

Dad, you have a chip on your shoulder! (of course, Archie had in fact put a potato chip on his shoulder just to evoke this statement)

Mom, the babies sure are mischievous!

I've been working on scanning in old pictures of me and Archie; so stay tuned for that!

I need to get on the sewing ball. I volunteered to do a give-away over at my pal, Heidi's BLOG. I also have a project that I need to finish before our BIG DRIVE UP NORTH.

Have I mentioned that in just a few short weeks, the whole family is driving up North to visit Grandmama and Grandpa. 30 hours worth of driving ... doesn't sound so good to me.

Gavin has been referred to an EENT Dr for a possible removal of his tonsils and adenoids. His tonsils have always been quite big and it seems that he is predisposed to attract the strep throat bug quite often.

We have 2 butterflies that have emerged from their crysalis in Gavin's critter cage that Grandmama and Grandpa got him for his birthday. 3 more should emerge soon. 1 has turned black ... I hope that isn't a bad sign.


Mrs. C said...

That Gavin sure is a cutie smart guy. :]

T- said...

Gavin's adorable.

Amanda said...