Jul 16, 2009


I've never been a girlie girl. I grew up with mainly boy cousins and am an only child. I can count on one hand the times that I've been camping. Once was at girl scout camp (I'm not sure you can call sleeping in cots in a "house" camping, but I'll count it. Archie and I went camping once on a trip to MN, pre-kids. So that's a grand total of 2 camping trips. I've learned a little something about myself over that past few years. I don't need a lot of luxury items; I do, however need the necessities. To me, running water, indoor toilet/ bathing facilities and electricity are all necessities. I am not very comfortable communing with nature when I am dirty, need proper toileting and am uncomfortable. Does this make me a girlie girl? No! I am simply a realist.

Archie's description of the boy scout camp had me ready to give both he and Silas a Lysol bath before I let them in the house. A campsite on a hill with stick and other odd assortment of uncomfortable items sticking up through the bottom of the tent. "Shower" facilities with lizards and "critters" running rampant through the backed up water in the floor. Toilet water that was brown. Shower water with an "odd" smell. Cafeteria style food (whatever happened to cooking beans over a campfire?).

Archie's words to me, you'd take one look at that place and be off in the car to book a room at the local Marriott. (Darn tootin!) But there were moms there that did it. I commend you ... it takes a bigger woman than me to give up my necessities in order to foster a love of nature in the kids. Kudos camping moms! Rock on!


Shannon said...

that's not my idea of camping either, it sounds like pure torture! Camping in the backyard is a stretch for me but it would make me feel better to be a hop skip and a jump away from my own toilet.

Mrs. C said...

LOL Cute little prairie tipi! Think I'll skip camping.

Laura said...

I am all for skipping camping too. I've BTDT and it was fun at the time, but I would rather be at the Marriott these days too.

Sneaky Momma said...

I have never been camping. I was a counselor for seven summers at a plush camp that had lovely air conditioned facilities. Something tells me this doesn't quite count as roughing it, though I did have to sleep on a bunk bed. :)
What a cool little teepee! Sounds like they had a great trip!

justdawn said...

We are camping for 4 days in August with our Cub Scout Pack. It is for all of the families and we are doing a "Survivor" theme.

Should be fun...;)