Aug 25, 2009

And Then I Blinked

It was the end of school and then I blinked. Seriously, this was THE shortest summer on record. Has to be.

The Good:
I did not cry this year after dropping off my babies.
We got to see the Senior Parade to the High School.
Both boys seemed eager to go back; although Gavin up until today, Gavin hasn't been so happy.
Gavin knows a lot of kids in his class.

The Bad:
I know that I'll sit here all day wondering what they are both doing at that exact moment in time. Wondering how they're feeling, wondering if they are happy, if they are eating enough, wondering if they miss me as much as I miss them.

Sigh ... only 179 more days until school is out for summer!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Good for you for not crying! I worry about whether or not mine is eating enough of his food's strange the things that us moms worry about!

Laura said...

I am laughing at the look on Silas's face holding that sign. He does not look amused. LOL! It is amazing how fast the summer has gone.

Shannon said...

I cry looking at other people taking their kids to school, I'm so going to embarrass Colin when I take him to school. I love the look on Silas' face, he's got that awh mom look. Too funny!

Laurie said...

Summer did go by way too quickly! I hope you guys have a great school year!!

Mrs. C said...

I think you blinked more than once there. :P