Aug 8, 2009


... at the hip.

Actually, I think that Tucker would have preferred to not have had his umbilical cord cut. Lucky for me, they don't ask the babies beforehand.

Dude #3 and I have only been apart a handful of times. Archie and I have gone on a few date nights and I've been to a couple of MNO (mom's night out). Other than that, wherever I am, he is.

When I vacuum, he vacuums; when I cook, he cooks; when I sleep, he sleeps; when I potty, you get the picture. There aren't many things that I do or places that I go that he isn't right by my side; and I love it ... I honestly don't mind. I love my sporadic kisses in the midst of cleaning the toilet or feeling a small hand scratch my back when I'm stooped down to empty the dryer.

BUT, it makes it awfully hard to do things without my right hand man. Take today for instance, Millie and I went on a girl's shopping trip for tax-free weekend. When departing this morning, Tucker was not happy; when we came home after lunch, Tucker was not happy.

It makes me wonder if he'll ever be happy when he's not with me. I guess doing man stuff with his big brother and Daddy, just isn't the same as cleaning the toilets with good old mom.


Shannon said...

I love it! He is such a little sweetie pie and will be the one who makes sure to put you in a nice fancy nursing home! LOL

Mrs. C said...

Tucker is so special. Enjoy this time.... so sweet and goes so fast.

Anonymous said...

so cute :)

Sneaky Momma said...

What a cutie. :)