Sep 7, 2009

Oreo Pie ... Sweet Tooth Sunday Style

My friend Catey at Random Thoughts from the Zoo hosts a Sweet Tooth Sunday that I sometimes partake in. This week, I made Oreo Pie, Archie's request for his birthday!

What you'll need:

Package of Oreos
1 stick of butter
tub of Cool Whip
large package of instant chocolate pudding
1 block of cream cheese

Crush 2 rows of Oreos (technical right?)

I recommend enlisting the help of a nearby 2 year old and their toy hammer if available.

Mix with the butter after you melt it and smoosh into the bottom of a pie type dish to make a crust

Mix together the cream cheese and 1/2 of the cool whip, layer it on top of the crust

Prepare pudding and layer it into your pie

Refrigerate for a couple of hours; top with cool whip and crushed Oreos

Voila! ENJOY!


Laura said...

No to take away from the task of said 2 year old, but you do know that you can buy pre-crushed oreos. Right?

Heidi said...

YUM! That looks delish!

Ju said...

Wow, that looks delicious, My sister is sitting next to me saying she will try to make one tomorrow. She might borrow my kids to help.

Melissa said...

Hmm! With Reduced Fat Oreos, fat free cream cheese & whipped cream -- maybe I'd be allowed to have some? LOL! Looks amazing!

~LL~ said...

Yum. I make one with ice cream and cool whip and oreos (that's it), but I can see how the cream cheese would add a whole "nother" element!

Heather said...

*falling over* that looks good girl. I am saving this recipe and making it for Joe. Gotta get some Cool Whip though lol. I think I have everything else.

*make joe stop at store on the way home to get said cool whip* ROFLMAO

Thanks ((hugs))