Oct 16, 2009

Fall Festival Fun

This past weekend, we met some friends at the local fall festival. These friends go way back; we went to the prom with them. Anyway, all 7 kids had a blast.

Completely fearless!

Not so sure now!

On her 2nd trip up the slide, she was thwarted by an insect and was highly upset. Nana and Daddy soothed her hurt feelings. Spoiled much?

Gavin never does anything in a normal fashion.

A helping hand from Daddy.

Mr Competitive trying his hand at the games.

BUSTED! Carving our initials into a sweetheart tree ... awww.

The best thing about being little is

being able to plop down right in the middle of a busy sidewalk for a break.


Laura said...

So cute! I especially love Archie carving your initials into the tree. Awwwwwwww!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What fun! We are taking our boys to a fall festival this afternoon. I hope we have as much fun as it looks like you did!!

Mrs. C said...

Wow, I should say she IS fearless!

~LL~ said...

Those are SO good!

Ju said...

Sweet pictures, what a cute halloween themed top.

The Stiffs said...

So cute! Looks like fun.