Oct 17, 2009

For Today

My good friend Heidi, a Slightly Cosmopolitan type of gal had this inspirational BLOG post up today and it made me want to share the same here ...

Outside my window… a rising sun meets the wet dew from a chilly, fall night.

I am thinking… how nice it is to have a few sleeping babies tucked into their warm beds.

I am thankful for… warm, toasty, soft socks and coffee.

From the kitchen… leftover broccoli-chicken, but alas no crab Rangoon.

I am wearing… my favorite pair of jammies, messy ponytail and glasses.

I am creating… a happy home, dreams and memories and in the very literal sense, a halloween project and Tuck's costume.

I am going… to get another cup o java, be right back.

I am reading… The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb and Harry Potter with the boys.

I am hoping… to take the babies for hair cuts today and to get some sewing done. I am also hoping that Silas and Archie have fun on their camping trip today.

I am hearing… the wee patter of feet fresh from a good sleep and the sweetest sound I know, "momma!"

Around the house… there are small people doing little people things. A 1 year old standing in a drawer to reach a pretzel on the counter. A 2 year old still snuggled in bed. A 6 year old making his own breakfast and his little brother's breakfast. I wonder if he realizes that Tucker doesn't like Lucky Charms?

One of my favorite things… a fantastic fabric find!

A few plans for the rest of the week… a college test, field day, picture day, boy scouts, administrative council meeting, bake sale and the state fair.

A picture to share… Race Day!


The Stiffs said...

Very nice!

Laura said...

A college test? Do share!

Heidi said...

Love the cute photo... It made me giggle with the regular bike racing the sports bike!

Anonymous said...

Love this one! How is The Hour I First Believed? I've read the other two from him and loved them.

Lisa said...

It is different ... touches on a lot of controversial topics.