Mar 25, 2010

Parlez Vous Francais?

You would think that since I spend pretty much every waking hour (and some unawake) with the little people in this house that I would know that they are bilingual. Of course, Dora has taught Millie several words in Spanish and Kai Lan is another linguist that we admire. This one is out of no where though!

We have a little kitchen that I bought for Gavin when he was 3. (We won't mention the fact that he NEVER played with it). The kitchen came with food that the burner and oven can identify. Oh and the kitchen talks to you. In fact, the kitchen can talk to you in a multitude of languages, including French.

The other day, I went in to find Tucker "cooking" in the kitchen. The little pots and pans were going on and on to him ...


Faisons cuire un sandwich. Allumez le four et nous ferons quelques biscuits. N'oubliez pas de se laver les mains !

Tucker was nodding back at that darn kitchen and saying OK, yes, no, why; just like he understood every word that was said. It was a total hoot! So look out Ratatouille, we have another budding french chef to give you a run for your money!



The Stiffs said...

Too funny. You need to get that on video.

Laura said...

I do speak French. And Liam has a little magnet thing that has 2 pieces of animals that are matched up, then it sings and talks about the animal. It has a French and English setting. 90% of the time, he likes to have it on the French setting. Baffling, since this child barely speaks to us in English most of the time! LOL

So Tucker is not alone.

Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

That is too cute! Its amazing what they can pick up on - even when we think they aren't listening!!

~LL~ said...

That is the cutest! I love that!

Archie said...

Those boxes are not the same size.