Mar 23, 2010

I love

that only Tucker is allowed to call Amelia, Grace. If anyone else calls her Grace, she says "I'm not Grace, I'm A-Mel-I-A!

that Amelia thinks the tall Magnolia trees are beanstalks.

that my Sweetie will help me with crafty projects.

that Tucker's favorite spot to sleep is in my arms.

that Gavin is a wonderful big brother and that I can see what kind of Daddy he will be one day.

that Silas is proud of being on the chess team.

that I can still snuggle up with my oldest 2 at night and read to them.

that even at thirty something years old, Archie still has dreams and shares them with me.

that my children are all so unique.



Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

What a lovely list!! There is nothing better than having a wonderful family with wonderful kids!! And I love how different each child can be. I am always amazed by how unique Jack and Tommy are.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a fun post! I love that picture, and I love that she has paint in her hair:)

Mindy said...

I LOVE this list! It's awesome!
I've ordered the ribbon for your easter bow -- should be here by the end of the week ---- so don't start sweatin' it . They called me on Monday b/c one of the ribbons I ordered wasn't going to be ready for 5 weeks and asked could they wait to send it until it got in.....I loudly (a bit too loudly I'd say) said NO! I need it now for easter next week. SO that was Monday -- it should've been mailed this morning then. SO -- should only take a couple of days. I will get your bow done as soon as it gets here and get it mailed to you. Just wanted to give you an update. =)

The Stiffs said...

So sweet. What a great post.

~LL~ said...

This is great. I love this.

Ju said...

You said it all Lisa. True lovely words.

Jenners said...

Just lovely.