Sep 30, 2010

following our own path

After dropping the diva off at preschool this morning, Tucker and I went to Gavin's school to participate in the walk-a-thon (an event to raise money for the PTO). It was a beautiful day; blue skies, wispy clouds and even a faint sign of the moon in the sky. We've had much needed rain lately, so the ground was soggy and there were plenty of puddles.

We met Miss Sourpusses' class at the back drop off loop and commenced our walking. Gavin was super excited to see us. When we see Silas at school, he drops his head and walks by like you don't know him and he doesn't know the screaming little kid yelling YAYA! YAYA! Gavin is ALWAYS happy to see us at school.

At first, we did fairly well keeping up with the other kids and staying on the path. Despite the furrowed brow and pursed lips of Miss Sourpuss, I was proud of my 2 little people.

dun dun dun

And then the walking became too tiring and too tedious for the wee one. Counting the traffic cones, scavenging for pine cones and (dear Lord, help me now) jumping puddles was just WAY too enticing. As Tucker and I lagged behind the group, I encouraged Gavin to keep up with his friends. The furrowed brow and puckered frown grew even more tight as Tucker proceeded to miscalculate the trajectory needed for one rather large puddle and landed splashing in muck and mud.

Luckily we were at the end of our walking and so I scooped my happy, wriggly baby up; kissed my wee toe-head goodbye and discreetly stuck my tongue out behind Miss Sour Pusses' back. Oh yeah and we stopped at Silas' classroom door to embarrass say HI to him.

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