Sep 29, 2010

She Would Laugh

My great friend Aimee would laugh if she knew what I was doing today. She has somehow come to believe that I am this organized, totally with-it person; all of my ducks in a row, all of the rows neatly lined up and color coded, but I'm not. I try not to sweat the little things and I guess that makes me seem like I have everything all pulled together. I know that Archie would tell you differently; especially if we were discussing my "time management skills." Apparently that gene got washed away in the pool instead of making it into my DNA. Case in point, I see absolutely nothing wrong with trimming the baby's fingernails in the car, while waiting for Daddy to come out for church. He however thinks that this is a major insult to Father Time.

Anyway, back to Aimee. She gets tickled at me when I say things like:

ME: I spent 3 hours on a mid-term last night and stayed up until midnight.
HER: Really? I can't even imagine. When was it due?
ME: Next Monday.
HER: Laughs.

It's not that I'm THAT organized, it's that I'm the type of gal that has to get things done ASAP. I return school notes and field trip money the very next day. I make Christmas lists in August and birthday plans right after the new year. Gift or a curse? You decide.

But today? Today I can hear her laughing as I start making Halloween costumes.
Hey! It's only 32 days away you know!


Mindy said...

Aimee is right! =)

~LL~ said...

OK.... You KNOW where I stand..... it's ONLY 86 days until Christmas. I have had a lot of my shopping done (or mapped out.) I will put my decor up Nov. 1. I bought the boys' Halloween costumes last week and I'm piecing together mine and hubby's.

Don't let anyone hate on ya. LOL!!!! I feel the pressure, too... especially when it comes to the holidays!

And WHAT is with the word verifcation, "encesst." EW!

d e v a n said...

hee - well, besides stocking stuffers, my kids Christmas presents are bought. And their Halloween costumes...

mamapat50 said...

My kids had to choose their costumes by Labor they could be done ahead of time, I bought all Christmas gifts and birthday gifts before sales were then and I kept all party plans, Christmas lists, etc. for years (like 15 or more) and only disposed of them when I finally retired. Reading them was a hoot!

mimisworkshop said...

Oh my goodness, you made me tired... but there was a time, in another life, when I did the same thing. Now that I am older and "wiser" I just gets done when it gets done.

Shannon said...

I'm totally with you! Ella is only a month old and I'm planning her 1st birthday party....he he he!