Dec 13, 2010

Reindeer don't wear bows

my latest non-camera strap cover project were some ruffle pants and reindeer shirt for a wee girlie's Christmas outfit.  The pants pattern is from Noodles and Milk and the shirt tutorial is from here.

I was told that reindeer don't wear bows. Hmmmph!


heidi said...

Bah. Reindeer can wear bows if they WANT to. ;-)

Shannon said...

Doesn't the little girl reindeer in the Rudolph movie? Or does she just have long eye lashes and eyeshadow on?

I love the outfit too!!

Sabrina said...

Cute! Love it and her expression:) Thanks for sharing.

~LL~ said...

That is SO cute!

Mindy said...

YES! Girl reindeer wear bows....just check out Clarice in the Rudolph movie. Red bow on her head.

CUTE outfit!!!
PS -- also love the cupcakes in the other post. Might have to try those.

~LL~ said...

Just lookin' at this.... again.... and Amelia's face in the second picture is priceless!